Sunday, February 25, 2007

Show #31 - iPod Accessories for Her Podcast for Sunday, February 25, 2007

"iPod Accessories for Her"

Looks like an old canvas style sneaker Canvas Sport Case - $30

Office Attire Executive & Lady - $35

This stylish purse is specially designed for your iPod and features
fully-functional, great-sounding, amplified speakers! Praised for
its seamless integration of style and technology, the Groove Purse
has been featured on the Today show, in Wired Magazine,, Oprah, and magazines all over the world.

Groove Bag - $96

iPod skins are a great way to let her personalize her iPod, check
out the options at iStyles iStyles - $3 to $8

Even COACH has iPod cases available Coach - $68 to $118

For the lady on the go iPod video system - $200

Titan Case & Accessories - $25

MIXX iPod Holders- $11 to $15

5G Kimono Case - $40

iPod Hoodie - $25

Burton Audex Tote - $115

Matai - $45

Monday, February 12, 2007

How Many Pixels Does It Take To ...

Ever wonder how many Mega-Pixels it would take to print a larger photo than a 4x6 or 5x7? Well it really depends on how tight you want the printed pixels, or dots, represented in Dots Per Inch (DPI). Say you wanted to print an 11x14 photo at 150 DPI: You would multiply 11x150= 1650 (pixels) and 14x150=2100 pixels which becomes (1650x2100=3,465,000) or 3.5 Mega Pixels. Now if you wanted a really detailed photo you might want to print it out at 200 DPI. So the same 11x14 photo would be 11x200=2200 (pixels) and 14x600=2800 (pixels) which is (2200*2800=6,160,000) or roughly 7 Mega Pixels.

Check out this article at for more information.

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Help Out the Free WiFI Movement

If you are a fan of free WiFi, have a good Internet connection, and want to help out the Free WiFi Community but don't have the jack to spend on a wireless router, well check this out. While supplies last, FON is giving out FREE WiFi routers but you have to share! That's the string attached to the FREE router. You get a free router and agree to setup the router as a free WiFi hot spot for your area. FON says that the router will have the ability to have two distinct signals, one secure signal for you to use and one open signal (with bandwidth limiting) to let others access freely. Boy, there are sure a lot of "free"s in this post. Whew!

Anyway, I have signed up at FON for a Free La Fonera WiFi router and am awaiting its arrival. So if you will be in the East Elk Grove, California area, try looking up my Free WiFi spot. Viva la Free WiFi!

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

CNET Editors are not always right, or are they?

"Vizio's got a new 47-inch LCD and the verdict
is in from CNET users: they love it. " - CNET

Vizio GV47LF  HDTV review

What is it about the Vizio that has consumers
snatching them up and raving about them?
Hey, even I bought one, well, the 32" version.
Check out the impressive user rating and the
user reviews here.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Flip-Flop Tech

So you thing they could not improve on the trusty ol' flip-flop. Well, check this one out by outdoor outfitter; The North Face, the M 3-Point Optimus Boa. The 3-Point Optimus features the Boa® multi-adjust lacing system and polyester webbing for maximum adjustability and security in a 3-point construction which is both water and land compatible.

  • UPPER Boa® multi-adjust lacing system and polyester webbing for maximum adjustability and security in a 3-point construction which is both water and land compatible
  • BOTTOM Highly cushioned, shock absorbent polyurethane footbed/midsole with AgION™ antimicrobial bacterial protectionUltrATAC™
  • rubber compound perimeter lugsHydroTrak™
  • herringbone-pattern rubber compound pods

M 3-Point Optimus Boa
gd_logo.gif Get 10% off general purchases from Go Daddy with the special Norbtek Promo Code "blu32" and 10% off any web hosting services with teh Promo Code "pod32". Go Daddy, the best in the business! And cool Super Bowl Ads too.!

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Best Rated Diswashers

From we have the "Best Dishwashers"

Best dishwasher - Bosch SHU66C02 - (*est. $900),

Best Value - Bosch SHE44C02 -
(*est. $650) ,

Budget dishwasher - Whirlpool DU1100XTPQ
- (*est. $450)

Monday, February 05, 2007

Cleaning Tech - Bissell SpotBot

If you're tired of scrubbing the carpet every time junior spills the Kool-Aid or Rover has an accident, well check out the Bissell SpotBot™ Robotic Wet/Dry Vacuum. This little gem does the work while you are doing something else, like watching your High-Def TV.

Check out the user reviews as they are pretty decent. Now if it could only do laundry...

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Show #030 - Baby Tech Podcast, for Sunday, February 04, 2007. '''Show #030 - Baby Tech
Norbtek @ Techpodcasts
Norbtek @ Blubrry

Listener line at (206) 888-NORB or (206) 888-6672
Email at has given me a custom code to pass along to you... So here it is
For 10% off your purchase use ''blu32'', did you chatch that in the promo?,
and for 10% off Web hosting services use ''pod32''

Spoonful of Sugar

Dispensing medicine to infants and toddlers is never easy, those little

suckers turn their heads and you end up putting the stuff right in their

ear or they just spit it out all over the place. So how about using their

own natural instincts to help them out. All babies, well, most babies,

like to suckle on a binky, and Medicine Dispenser by Kidz-Med has a

chamber for the medicine. It has a plunger to help deliver the medicine

to the back of the baby's tongue or you can just let them use their natural

sucking action to deliver the goods. The Medicine Dispenser by Kidz-Med

delivers the medicine in a simple and easy way so that your baby may not

even know they are taking it.

$10 - Medicine Dispenser

What's Hot Doc?

Its not easy to get a baby's temperature sometime. Heck, Baby's just

don't like holding still for eating so why would they hold still for

an in the ear thermometer much less a 'rectal" thermometer. So how

about an infrared thermometer that you just point at your baby's head,

navel, or arm pit. No need for a probe covers or disturbing your baby's

sleep. Your baby will never even know you took their temperature. Check

out the '''Thermofocus''' also by Kid-Med.

$100 - Thermofocus

Check out the other great products from this company at

Look! I'm on TV

O.K., so you got you baby in their rear-facing car seat in the back

or a child in the third row of the SUV, but you can't see how they

are doing, and that dual mirror trick just don't cut it. So what's

a good techie mom to do? Well, get the Automobile Monitor by Summer

Infant of course. Day or night, this 2.5" dash-mounted color screen

will let you keep an eye on the baby and the other one on the road.

The camera mounts to a variety of head rests. Both units will plug

into the car power outlet.

$150 - Automobile Monitor

Summer Infant has many more great products at Summer Infant

Don't Touch That!

If your children are like mine, one of them is accidentally unbuckling

the car seat buckle or the toddler is getting to smart for his own

britches and unbuckling himself! Well, someone figured out how to stop

those pesky kids with the Safeclip. This device prevents accidental

release but allows quick access to the buckle in case of emergency.

It attaches in mere seconds and is easily removable.

£4.99 - Safeclip

What A Change

German designer, Tim Schinkle, has created a couple of beautiful

wall mounted baby changing stations that would look great in your

baby's room. These changing stations are terrifically space saving

and can be converted into a child's fold down desk later such as the

OWO. You'll have to get them from Germany as there are no distributors

here in the US as far as I know, but they will ship practically world wide.

OWO €274,-- (about $356) - OWO

Check out the other beautiful products and products at Timkid.

Ski Baby Ski

I found this cool baby product and thought what fun and what trouble

this could be. Skis for your baby stroller! Now that's cool! has these skis that will fit just about any single

or dual wheeled stroller with wheels up to 12" in diameter. The skis

are wide and have a grove to keep them tracking easily and even come

with a carrying and storage bag. Of course we don't need these here

in Elk Grove as it was a balmy 63 degrees F and not a cloud in sight.

Oh well.

$35 - Stroller Skis


O.K. The whole "i-insert name of device here" thing is really starting

to get to me, but hey this is cool... If you don't mind giving your kid

control of your iPod. ifrogz has come out with a silicone case just for

kids and the iPod called Tadpole. Cute ain't it. Anyway, this is not

your ordinary silicone case.. Its an ifrogz case and has a variety of

colors and an optional screen and click wheel protector of which you

can customize. I have our Show #25 ifrogz case winner's review later

in the show so stay tuned.

$25 w/ screen protector - ifrogz Tadpole

iCaramba... Not another i-Thingy

Yeah well, hey, I found it just had to let you know about it. So here

it is, the iCrib Sound System by Munchkin. This device hangs on the side

of the crib and pumps in the tunes to the crib from any MP3 player. It

will auto shut off after 15, 30, or 60 minutes. It also has a color

changing night light , but don't forget to buy batteries too as this

does not come with an AC adapter. No you won't be finding the lullaby

playlist on my iPod, but still looks cool. The web site has a store

locator by using your ZIP code. Apparently I can get one at Target.

$33 - iCrib

Getting Serious for a Moment

I hate to bring this up but it has to be mentioned... Over 2000

children are reported missing everyday, what are you going to

do if this happens to you? It could take about an hour or two

to get all the viatl information you will need to provide the

authorities about your missing child. I found this, the

AMBER stick™. It is a usb stick that has all the vital

information that is necessary to generate Missing

Persons Flyers and import into law enforcement's

computers. Everyting is encrypted and password

protected for privacy. All the software for the access

of the information is right on the stick and works

with Windows ME and higher. Update as often as

you want and even upload to a central server

database where the information can be available

to be distributed to law enforcement all over the

US with email/password combination for

authorized access.

$50 for (1) or (2) for $40 each - Amber stick

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