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Did Apple really make the breakthrough first

Did Apple really make the breakthrough first?

iPhone & LG KE850: separated at birth? - Engadget

Monday, January 01, 2007

Show #029 - Enf of Year Review

Show 29

Christmas Give-A-Way

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SanDisk Crusier Micro 1GB USB Flash Drive 1GB USB

Norb's 2006 Tech Predictions Review

Prediction #1- The PDA/Phone/Camera/MP3/Video Player all in one. Not that Apple will come out with one, but hey, if anyone were to, they would make it sexy.

Got It Right - Sony/Ericsson p990i

Prediction #2- Digital Audio providers such as Napster, Rhapsody, and Yahoo! Music will be providing Pay-for-Play video and “unlimited” services. This will include shows from the major networks, cable, and movie channels such as HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime. Expect Netflix to be in the running too.

Got It Somewhat Right - Several providers have network programs for sale such as iTunes

Prediction #3- Podcasting will explode as well as videocasting. Already there is Digital Life TV featuring the former TechTV “Screen Savers” cast members Robert Herron and Patrick Norton doing tech like no one else. Soon you will see indie show series that will break new ground and allow for greater freedoms than even cable provided.

Got It Right - Tiki Bar and numerous others.

Prediction #4- More root-kits will be revealed in what was thought to be “Safe Software”, such the one revealed by Symantec in their Norton SystemWorks program. Sony was the first to get caught, but will they be the last? Or will other software makers fess up like Symantec?

Nope, haven't heard of anything since then. Are they gone or just better at hiding?

Prediction #5- SP-3 for Windows? Well, after the Windows Meta File exploit found at the beginning of the year, I predict that there will be at least one mor major flaw, or in this case, “feature” that causes Microsoft to issue a Service Pack even though they have said that they would not issue one until some time later in ’07. Can you say Open Source?

Mike, No SP-3 Officially, but a lot of Patch Tuesdays that could be rolled up into one, Right?

Prediction #6- Plasma TV prices will drop around the end of the year to about $2000 for a 42” 1080i screen with good contrast ratios. Expect a relatively lesser known manufacturer to lead the charge.

Got It Right - Philips 42PF7321D/37 42 1080i Plasma TV $1,269.00 Digital Meaga Store

Prediction #7- iPod and one of the satellite radio services will join forces. Not an integration of Sirius or XM into the iPod, but iTunes featuring shows from the services and the in-car players will hook up to your iPod so you can play tour tunes or recorded programs.

Sort of Got It Right - Samsung and XM got together Samsung NeXus50

Prediction #8- A relatively unknown company will develop the next generation of DVD technology sinking the HD-DVD and Blue-Ray DVDs because they are fighting each other and not looking over their shoulder.

Nope, nothing yet...

Prediction #9- New homes will come with built-in communications packages including iPod docks for your home audio system, 802.11n Wi-Fi, and VOIP.

Nope, haven't noticed anything yet...

Prediction #10- Apple makes deals with other hardware manufacturers to make Apple branded Camcorders and Digital Cameras.

Blew this one, but hey a lot of other people predicted the iPhone. We all know what happened there.

Prediction #11- DV and DVD camcorders go by the wayside because Hard Drive based High Definition and 3-CCD models take over and are cheaper.

Got It Right... Sort of.

Prediction #12- TiVo will unveil a dock that allows you to sync your video iPod straight to the TiVo so you can have “Lost” for free.

TiVo is scared to get stomped on by lawyers.

Changing It Up Again back to just me and shorter but more focused show. Mike and I start-up a new podcast... YouTube Video @ 11:00 - Just kidding. More details to follow in the new year

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