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Ultimate iPod Accessory



DLO Trans Pod

Tune Buckle

Drypod Case

Skull Crusher

Lowepro Case

DLO Jam Jacket

Apple iPod Camera Connector

Tangle Tamers



Rodman M, from Sacramento Ca writes:

We are looking into getting a home computer that can handle home finances, digital pictures/movies, burn CD/DVD’s and handle some small business functions such as billings, expense reports and client databases. We also need to be able to back it up so we don’t lose all of the info. We would prefer a laptop with wireless capabilities but we are not opposed to a desk top with a big LCD flat screen. The kids will not be allowed on this computer!!!

What would you recommend? Dell…Gateway…others? What kind of processor? 80 gig hard drive with a 200 gig external drive for back up? I will listen to all suggestions…


Sunday, April 02, 2006

What's up with that iTunes????

After a late night posting and having linked to a MP3 from for an interview for the Matrix Stream High Definition Set Top box seemed to have messed up my iTunes entry for this episode. It had all the right tag info, but I noticed that it has the wrong time on it. It was the length for the interview with Chuck Tomasi and Aaron Keogh fromMatrix Stream. So I believ that I have fixed the entry. It appears only 5 downloads had occured and hopefully you all will re-download the podcast. I appologise for that and I will try to find out what happened.

I hope you will enjoy the show. Let me know what you think.

- Norbert

Norbtek.Info Show #015 - Potpourri Podcast for Sunday, April 2, 2006, Show #015 - Potpourri

Falling Mobile PC Prices Fail to Entice Late-adopters in U.S., Says Parks Associates

CBS Inks Deal to Appear in Supermarkets

Discovery Unveils Homework Help Web Site

Cingular to Offer “American Idol” Ringtones

Web Site to Sell Items from TV Shows

Sirius Satellite in Exclusive Deal with Audi & VW

Kids: High-Tech’s Fussy New Customer

Sony Pulls the Plug on PSOne Production

Linux Based iSetBox from Media Systems Does it All

Threshold's new Home Server Model 1 is meant to make home networking easy

Samsung brings SilverCare sterilizing washer to US

Samsung 24.6 Cu. Ft. 4 Door Refrigerator

Matrix Stream has come out with an IPTV High Definition Set Top Box that when it comes out will rival satellite and broadcast HD quality. Matrix Stream’s 1020HD will have IPTV and VOD capabilities and is scheduled for availability to consumers by the end of 1st Quarter of 2006. Chuck Tomasi of Chuck Chat did an interview with Aaron Keogh with Matrix Stream and you should check it out at Chuck's Interview Page at

Listener Jack D. From Roseville Ca asked about Autotheft prevention tech. Our answer was MobileGuardian.

Listener Matt H. from Sacramento Ca asks, “I would like to upload my existing collection of CD music to my iPod. What format is the best to use (mp3, acc) in an effort to get as many songs on my nano as possible? How can I get from the CD to that format?

Insert an audio CD into your computer.

If your computer is connected to the Internet, iTunes will automatically display the album title and all track names (if the album is listed in the Gracenote CD database).

To copy all songs from the CD, drag the CD icon in the Source list onto the Library icon. To copy individual songs, select the CD in the Source list, then drag the songs you want from the song list pane onto the Library icon in the Source list—to select multiple songs, Command-click (Mac) or Control-click (Windows) songs before dragging them.

The iTunes display will provide feedback as it copies each song from the disc. iTunes will convert your song files to the file format you set under the Importing tab in the Advanced pane of iTunes preferences (AAC is the default).

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