Sunday, February 12, 2006 Podcast Show #014 - Tech Toys Podcast, Show #014 for Sunday, February 12, 2006

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In Todays Show:
– Olympics Online
– Stickam free media player set to launch
– Better Batteries for your High Tech Gear
– Aibo to be Euthanised
– Apple iPod G6 on it’s way?
– Projectorless Power Point Presentations

[Main Topic]
- Tech toys!



From Yahoo! News – Olympics Online
From InfoWorld – Stickam free media player set to launch
From USA Today – Batteries Reviewed
From – Aibo to be put to sleep
From – Apple revamping video iPod
From The DEMO Conference Power Point without the projector

[Main Topic]

Tech Toys!

· Robosapien - $249 - This robot is packed with an awesome number of features made possible by advanced technologies: Fluid motions and gestures: fast dynamic 2-speed walking and turning; full-function arms with two types of grippers; numerous pre-programmed functions; fully programmable by remote control; programmable “reflexes” to sound and touch stimuli. It even has what the manufacturer calls fluent international “caveman” speech.Best Buy, Radio Shack, Toys "R" Us, The Sharper Image, Circuit City

· Lego Mindstorms NXT - $249 – Want to build your own robot? Well LEGO has their Mindstorms NXT programmable robot coming out soon that will allow you to control it from your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone. Using the LEGO TECHNIC® elements you can build any robotic creation that your imagination can come up with. Mindstorms is programmable from PCs and Mac. USB 2.0 and Bluetooth support and intuitive, icon-based drag-and-drop program "building" environment.
· LeapFrog LeapPad - $35 - Your kids can learn by leaps and bounds! The LeapPad teaches beginning readers how to pronounce words by sounding them out. This great learning tool reads full-color animation storybooks to your kids, helping them to identify letters and words. They can play guided games and fun activities. Plus, kids can read and interact at their own pace. Ages 4 and up.
· FLY Red Pentop Computer - $100 - With a built-in processor, optical scanner, voice and its own language, the FLY pentop computer brings "penmanship" into the new age. Write an addition/subtraction problem on special dot-matrix FLY paper and the pen calculates it, or tell it about appointments and FLY reminds you. And check this out: draw drums and a keyboard on the special paper, and FLY actually records what you play. Other add-ons available: software cartridges, games, speakers and more (each sold separately

· The Oh Yuck! Book - $15 - From bat pee to human vomit, "The Encyclopedia of Everything Nasty" engages kids while imparting some very important information.
o Covers more than 60 tasteless topics with tongue-in-cheek humor
o Includes pronunciation guide, definitions and historical perspectives
o Teaches kids about science, history, our bodies and the world around us
o Filled with illustrations and photographs
o "X-periments" section shows you how to make your own muck – from an exploding model pimple to simulated scabs and more
o Young readers will delight in the vile and the repulsive. It's everything you ever wanted to know about the yucky side of life!

· VCamNow - $85 - Rather make movies? Start with the VCamNow, a handheld video camera with a flip-out preview screen from Hasbro. Kids can shoot digital movies and take pictures. Connect the camera to a computer to edit scenes or plug it into a TV and view the action on a big screen.

· The iBOTZ Tribotz - $55 -is an excellent introductory robot kit with three modes of operation: line following, sound sensing, and obstacle avoidance. With three functions in one, this robot kit is a fantastic value, and it provides a great introduction to autonomous robots. For more experienced roboticists, this robot's roomy chassis has ample space for custom electronics.

[Gadgets of the Week]
Waterproof your iPod
Canon WiFi SD430 Camera
Anti-Identity Theft Pen

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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Could Addonics iPod Drive Cable Be RIAA's Next Weapon? - Yahoo! News

Could Addonics iPod Drive Cable Be RIAA's Next Weapon? - Yahoo! News

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